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Kayak and campsite reservations


Reserve early to make sure we are ready to accommodate all of your kayaking and camping needs!  Stay mid-week and enjoy substantial discounts.  Dogs are welcome!

Campsite reservations are managed below.  If you will be camping AND renting kayaks, reserve your campsite first and when you arrive, we will take care of the kayak rentals.  


All kayak rentals include safety gear and scheduled drop-off and pick -up time.

Campsite rentals are priced per night.  All rentals include transportation of gear and guests if you are not renting kayaks, access to at least two portable bathrooms on the island, and a camp shower on the shore.

The owners also operate a sandwich shop on shore where you can order lunch and have it delivered to the island!


As a family-run business we are here to serve you! We also are happy to make personalized arrangements if you would like something different than what you see below.  For groups larger than 20 people, we recommend you contact us by email or phone to arrange a group rate.

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